• Center the Chapter and Section number and title of section

    2-1 Southern Colonies 
    Means:           Write the standard in means and matters form.  The Means and Matters will be posted in the
                           classroom whiteboard.
    Matters:          Write the Matters from the form in the classroom
    1.  Please write Main Idea in all capital letters and underline.
    2.  Do not skip lines.
    3.  Main ideas are in the textbook.
    Write the Big Idea located in the textbook.  Remember to capitalize and underline BIG IDEA.
    1.  Write Term          Write the definition for each term.  KTPs are highlighted in the textbook.  Definitions may be found within the text and/or the glossary in the
                                      back of the book.  
    2.  Definition            Continue to write the definitions for each term.  Use block tabulation when writing the terms.
    3.  Skip                     Do not skip lines between terms.