•     Bjornstad    7th grade Life Science     



    Mrs. Bjornstad

    UC Berkeley Team Leader

    WEB Advisor

    7th/ Life Science/Rm D6

    Team Name: UC Berkeley         



    Schedule~  Periods: 2, 4 & 7 Science(Pre-AP Honors)

                        Periods: 3 & 6  (Science)

                        Period: 5~ WEB Leadership Class


    Contact Info: (951) 736-3216



    University/Colleges Attended:  Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois

                                                         Concordia University, River Forest, Illinois

    Degree Earned:  Bachelor of Science, Education

                    Master of Arts, Curriculum and Instruction

                                        Science Authorization

                              Language Arts Authorization



    Hometown:  Chicago, Illinois


    The Department of Education seeks to have every teacher certified in the area in which they are teaching. If this criteria is met, the teacher is "Highly Qualified".

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