P H Y S I C A L   E D U C A T I O N
    Mr. Brenner
    Students will be participating in a variety of team sports as well as individual sports. Students will be required to warm up and participate in conditioning activities. Seventh graders will spend part of their time preparing for the state mandated physical fitness test. Eighth graders will also be preparing for the district required written exams to be given at the end the year.

    Students who do not dress out of their school clothes will lose their points for the day. Loaner clothes are available and will result in a partial loss of points for the day. Students will have a limited amount of times they may wear loaners.

    A: 100 - 95
    B:   94 -  85
    C:   84 -  75
    D:   74 - 65 
    Students will be graded on:
    Ability to follow directions
    Proper behavior
    Performance on state mandated physical fitness tests
    Students receive 10 points per day. They will lose points or not lose points on their ability to perform in the above categories. 
    Students will also have to show improvement in their mile time, push-ups and sit-ups during each grading period.

    Mr. Brenner
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Last Modified on June 20, 2015