The purpose of the Raney Intermediate GATE program is to promote the interests of gifted and talented students by encouraging their academic and social development.  GATE teachers guide students at school and encourage support at home by providing an outstanding academic program in which student may thrive.  GATE/ Honors classes are offered on all teams at Raney Intermediate.  In addition, our I.B. Honors Program is featured on our web site.

    The Four Aspects of our GATE Program

    Accelerated Learning - Guiding students through the curriculum and not expecting them to do what the already know how to do.
    Depth of Study - Having students become true specialists in an academic area; giving them the opportunity to find out about certain subjects in great detail.
    Learning Complexity – Students explore the connection and relationships between things; comparing and contrasting what they learn.
    Variety - Allowing students to show their creativity through the creation of original projects that challenge their thinking in new and unusual ways.

         The Raney Honor Program is geared to provide an exciting and challenging educational experience.  Our students are prepared for high school, college and successful careers.  Honors classes are offered in language arts, science and history.  Students also take a high school level algebra class.  Requirements: California Achievement Test scores 76% and G.P.A. of 3.0