• 5 Steps for a Safe School
    If you need assistance, please call our Assistant Principal Mrs.Sanchez at (951)738-2155 ext.#4010
    1.) Awareness
    Know the warning signs for your son/daughter:
    • Doesn't want to go to school, find excuses for absences;
    • Seems sad, depressed, anxious, angry;
    • Spends a lot of time alone.
    2.) Education
    Learn about youth development and bullying
    • Youth development - www.search-institute.org
    • Bullying - www.education.com; www.bullyinginfo.org; www.stopbullyingnow.hrsa.gov; www.safechild.org/bullies.htm; http://www.partnerstx.org/Resources/Bullying/Bullying_Home.htm

    3.) Support

    Show that you care;
    • Be direct: ask your son/daughter, do you feel safe at school?  Are you being teased or bullied at school or on-line?
    • Help your son/daughter find a trusted adult to talk to: guidance counselor, social worker, family member, clergy, mentor, coach, adult friend.

    4.) Step In
    With your child's knowledge, intervene:
    • Even if you have never done this before, speak with the school principal, guidance counselor, social worker, student assistance counselor or classroom teacher.
    • Help your child find the supports he/she needs - referrals, support groups, out-of-school activities, etc.

    5.) Step Up
    Advocate for safe schools
    • Participate on your school improvement team
    • Voice your opinion at a school committee meeting
    • Ask other parents to join your efforts to create a safe school.

Last Modified on February 9, 2016