• Dress Code
    Dress for Success - River Heights Intermediate students need maintain their person and clothing in a clean and neat manner, to help foster a successful instructional experience.  A student's dress and general appearance should not interfere with teaching or learning.  Dress or grooming which is obscene, defamatory, unsafe, or which incites students and creates a substantial disruption to the orderly operation of the school is not allowed.
    dress code
    The following are considered inappropriate/unacceptable for school attire:
    bullet_horseClothing or hairstyles that disrupt the orderly operation of school.
    bullet_horseMakeup inappropriate for age level.
    bullet_horseVery short skirts or shorts.  High slits in skirts or shorts.
    bullet_horseExposed undergarments.
    bullet_horsePants, skirts or shorts that hang below hip level.
    bullet_horseStrapless, halter or tube tops.
    bullet_horseBare midriffs (no skin showing).
    bullet_horseApparel with obscene, libelous or slanderous words, messages or emblems.
    bullet_horseApparel with emblems or lettering pertaining to drugs, alcohol, sex or gangs.
    bullet_horseNo chains, spiked bracelets or inappropriate jewerly.
    bullet_horseHats, visors or sunglasses inside classrooms or buildings.
    bullet_horsePajamas and bedroom slippers, bathing suits.
    bullet_horseFootwear with hard soles must be worn at all times.  Slippers are unacceptable.
Last Modified on December 22, 2009