• Welcome to Computer Applications

    Mr. Potts


    Mr. Potts

    Grade 7:

    Introduction to Computing and Keyboarding

    Grade 8: 

    Introduction to 3d Modeling and Animation


    Contact Info: gpotts@cnusd.k12.ca.us

    7th grade:

    Welcome to Computer Applications class.  This class is designed to familiarize students with basic computing and keyboarding skills. We will cover keyboarding basics,  Microosft Office programs, and utilize the Internet on almost a daily basis for information and tools .  My goal is for students to be confident in their ablilities in each Microsoft program covered, be efficient typists and able to use their learned skills immediately across curriculum.

    8th grade:

    Computer Applications for 8th graders will focus largely on tools that are readily  available for  free on the Internet.  Any and all material learned in class can be utilized immediately by anyone with a computer and Internet access.

    We will start with by using Google as our guide to search for Internet applications including Maps, Video, Photo editing, Music, Blogging, Drawing,  Animation, and 3d applications. Students will learn how to “Google It”  and learn by  DOING!

    We  will learn how to  search safely  and download usable Internet software.  Students will then focus  learning the concept of animation, create the illusion of movement by building and designing frames, layers, and using Computer Graphic (CG) design. 



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