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    Gutman               School Safety and Violence Prevention Counselor
     *Personal/Social Counseling 
    * Support Groups
    *Crisis Counseling
    *Community Resources

    Name: Mrs. Mendez

    Department: Counseling

    Email: jmmendez@cnusd.k12.ca.us

    Contact info: (951) 738-2100  ext. 1109

    University Attended:  Riverside Community College, California State University
        San Bernardino, Chapman University.

    Degrees Earned: B.A. Psychology, M.A. Counseling

    Licenses: Pupil Personnel Services Credential (PPS),  Administrative Services Credential, Licensed Professional Clinical 
        Counselor (LPCC), Nationally Board Certified Counselor and School Counselor

    Hometown: Corona, CA.


    School Safety & Violence Prevention Counselor

    Major Duties & Responsibilities

    Corona-Norco Unified School District
    p To provide support for students with chronic orsevere personal/social concerns that pose a risk to the health or safety of thestudent or others through individual and group counseling sessions. 

    p  To support counseling staff in their effortsto reduce conflict and “at-risk” behavior

           for students identified as highly “at risk.”

    p   To conduct emergency student assessment as needed i.e. suicide, danger toothers.

    p  Monitor and support Alternative PlacementStudents “C-Violators” with

     individual/group counseling, compiling petition packet, provide referralsas needed,   

            consult with parents, present cases todistrict office and monitoring students upon

            return to their home school. 

    p  Identify and implement comprehensive violenceprevention and intervention

           programs as necessary.

    p  To liaison with community agencies that maybe involved with students displaying a concern with safety or violence andtheir parents.  To assist parents in identifying support systems and/or programs.

    p  To assistwith successful transition of both 9th grade and new studentsinto high

           school that have been identified as highly “at-risk” for violence or safetyproblems.

    p  Support peer resource programs that deal withsafety and/or violence prevention.

    p To work with school administration and the school resource officer in the area of

          violence prevention and student safety.

    p Identify and provide staff development on conflict resolution and violence

          prevention issues.

    p To provide the school staff with informationregarding:

              (A)Identifying youth behavior that is “at risk” for violence or safety problems.

             (B)How to build protective factors in to the fabric of school and classroomculture.

    p To communicate student’s status/progress toappropriate school personnel and other

          adults responsible for the welfare of thestudent

    p Participate in school committee(s) at schoolof assignment related to school safety

          and violence prevention.

    p To maintain confidential student records and to generate necessary reports for

           monitoring by school, district andstate.

    p Attend SST’s and I.E.P meetings to support students on AB1113 case-load as


    p Continual professional growth by staying current and abreast with latest trends and

          currentresearch in the field of counseling.
    -Per California Education Code, all students over the age of 12 may receive confidential counseling of a personal nature. Anything personal that is disclosed is not shared with other professionals/parents unless safety issues are concerned. If issues concerning safety are disclosed, counselors are required to report this information to appropriate parties.

     CSF College Visit- Pepperdine University CSF College Visit- UCLA Counseling Department 2011 Junior/Senior Parent Night