• English Language Arts
    The English Language Arts Department seeks to refine each students' skills in English, while working to prepare each student
     for his or her immediate future.
    Please feel free to e-mail each teacher for individual help or direction with your student. For your convince, each teacher's e-mail is listed under "Department Directory."
    Courses Offered at Corona High SchoolBook Cart
    ELA 1a &1b : Freshman English
    ELA 1a &1b: Honors
    ELA  2a & 2b: Sophomore English
    ELA 2a & 2b: Honors
    ELA  3a & 3b: Junior English
    ELA  3a &3b: Advanced Placement
    ELA  4a & 4b: Senior English
    ELA  4a & 4b:Advanced Placement
    ELA 4a&4b: ERWC
Last Modified on September 2, 2011