World Languages Department






    Welcome! ¡Bienvenidos!

    The world languages department at Corona High School offers a

    range of classes in both Spanish and French. On our website you

    will find course information, teacher information, grading

    policies as well as any other information relevant to the courses

    we offer.




  • Teacher contact information

    Sonia Amaral 

    736-3211 xtn. 2723

    Milly Dávila

    736-3211 xtn. 2730

    Valeria Gardner

    736-3211 xtn. 2725

    Vicky Gómez

    736-3211 xtn. 2724

    Adriana Illescas

    736-3211 xtn. 2729

    Lance Quillen

    736-3211 xtn. 2722

    M Limón-Burbáj

     736-3211 xtn. 2207

    Dianna Serrato

    736-3211 xtn. 2731





Last Modified on August 31, 2016