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Reminder Texts: I send you (very frequent) reminders about homework or upcoming assignments and tests via text.  Here's how to sign up.
Text @888697f to 81010. 
What did I get myself into?  We will work on improving your skills as critical readers, writers, and thinkers. Therefore, we will be reading, writing, and arguing A LOT.  Additionally, we will refine our use of proper English grammar and elevate our academic vocabulary.  Scary, I know.  I understand that, for some, the words “reading” and “writing” may send you screaming for the hills.  However, my goal is to challenge and support you at the same time.

Curriculum: Our curriculum revolves around the common core state standards.  Although we will rarely use our textbooks, our curriculum follows the CNUSD pacing guide for language arts.  Supplemental materials and videos will be shown to make curriculum more accessible *Units are subject to change 

The Rules:

 1.    R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

 2.    Do your work.

 3.    Let others do their work.

4.    Let me teach.

Classroom Behavior

·         You may throw objects in class IF you have a high school diploma. 

·         To build an environment of mutual respect, there is no cursing or down-talk. 

·         Move around the classroom at appropriate times, (not when someone is speaking or presenting).

·          You may use technological devices only when the teacher says it is appropriate.  If the teacher instructs you to put your electronic device away, put it away the first time.  Otherwise, it will be withheld from you for the remainder of the period.  If the problem persists, your parents will be contacted and your device will need to be left at home.

·         Water and a light snack are allowed during instruction. If these items become a distraction; however, this privilege will be removed.

 Grading: Grades are based on a point system.  Participation (bellwork and exit slip = 4 points daily).  Classwork/Homework assignments typically range from 5-30 points.  Tests/Quizzes/Essays/Projects are typically worth 50-200 points.


 A= 89.5-100% B= 79.5-89.4% C= 69.5-79.4%   D= 59.5-69.4% F= 59.4% or below


Technology: In addition to typing essays or creating power points, technology will be used regularly as classwork and homework.  Please meet with me if this will be problematic for you Social Media: There may be times when I will ask you to post a picture on Instagram with a certain hashtag.  Other times, I may ask you to tweet about a topic we’re discussing in class. Basic Technology Skills: You will be expected to know how to maneuver around Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, send emails with attachments, upload documents onto websites.  

Late Work: As young adults, it is your responsibility to turn in assignments when they are due.  However, late assignments will be accepted up to two weeks after they are due for a half the points. (Bellwork/Exit Slips are not accepted late.)

Bathroom Passes:  You have 4 bathroom passes for the semester.  If you run out of bathroom passes, you lose 5 points from your overall grade each time you leave the classroom.  At the end of the semester, each unused bathroom pass counts as 5 extra credit points  


·         Make Money Mondays: job readiness skills (job applications, interviews)

·         Toolbox Tuesdays and Thursdays: grammar and sentence structure

·         We Family Wednesdays: teambuilding activities

·         Funny Fridays: come prepared with a corny joke!  



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