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    Ms. Meijer in front of the Green Bank Telescope

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    Subjects: AP Physics 1 and 
    College Prep Physics

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    TUTORING: Tuesdays   3:00-4:00

    Contact: (951) 738-2100 ext. 1459

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    Remind Codes:
    Period 2: msmeijer2
    Period 3: msmeijer3
    Period 4  msmeijer4
    Period 5: msmeijer5
    Period 6: msmeijer6
    Clubs:  Physics/Astronomy/Engineering Club 
    Education: BA Physics & Astrophysics, UC Berkeley
                            MA Secondary Education, University of Phoenix
                            National Board Certified 2014 Adolescence and Young Adult Science: Physics
    Personal Interests: Astrophysics, ancient history, science fiction books, animals, nature, anything nerdy, and 80's TV shows
    Teaching Philosophy: Students develop a more profound and meaningful understanding of the topic through personal experience and experimentation  
    Professional Research:
    -GPS tracking of the North American and Pacific plates to determine slip rates of the San Andres and other Southern California faults - Advisor: Dr. Sally McGill, Cal State San Bernardino 
    -Spectral line survey of the Orion KL Nebula between 67 and 93 GHz using the Green Bank Telescope - Advisors: Dave Frayer and Ron Maddalena, National Radio Astronomy Observatory
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