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    Prep Period
    Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year! 
    **Please click on the links to the left, so you will be able to access information regarding your class.**
    • The Syllabus describes the course, provides information on what will be covered, and outlines classroom policies and procedures, including make-up work/absence policy.
    • Under Essay Information is an MLA Handout, which illustrates how students will format their essays for language arts and ERWC. The rubrics and an English Placement Test (EPT) Scoring Guide list what is required when writing an essay or a timed writing and offer an explanation for a grade.
      • The weekly Homework Agenda also includes classwork, due dates, test dates and make-up times. An identical copy of this document is posted on a classroom bulletin board. Students are responsible for checking the agenda weekly and for getting all handouts and worksheets needed to complete their assignments. (They can also be accessed through this website.)
      • Absence Policy: Students are allowed one day per all day excused absence to make up work. If students miss class because of a field trip, an on-campus activity, sporting event, testing, an appointment, arriving late to school/leaving early or ACP, they are still required to turn work due either prior to the absence or on the due date. They must also complete classwork and homework assigned that day.
      *** Late/Incomplete Work will Not be accepted!
      *** Excessive absences will be detrimental to a student's success.
      ** Extra Credit will not be given. **
      **I am available to help students during most lunches and after school.** 
      Parents/Guardians, if you wish to discuss your student's progress with me, I recommend that you first check their grades on the Q Gradebook (Parent Connect). If you need assistance with logging in to Q or need a password, please contact Kathie Castillo kcastillo@cnusd.k12.ca.us  
      Students, you may check your grades on Q by entering your student number and the password that you were issued in the library. This is the same password that you use on school computers.

      Thank you for visiting this website.
      Mary Leonti
      Language Arts and ERWC Teacher
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