Welcome to Orange Grove High School!

We are the only continuation school in the district with students who are here both voluntarily and involuntarily. Regardless of the reason that brings a student here, our focus is to provide an alternative to the traditional school setting. Our goal is to help students re-engage with their education and prepare them for the next step, whether it is graduation, returning to their home school, or entering a credit recovery program. 

Typically, we hear that Orange Grove is not what students and parents had expected. While we have a few specific rules that help create a safe, structured atmosphere (for example, teachers radio security whenever a student wants to use the restroom, and we do not allow students to bring backpacks, hats or sports-related clothing to school), the overwhelming impression is that the campus is quiet and that, inside classrooms, students are learning. 

Orange Grove has a great support staff. Our counselor works with students to help them complete their rehabilitation contracts, and our office staff and security attendants take a personal interest in our students.  

As a continuation school, we have a modified schedule, with six 43-minute classes. School is in session from 8:33-1:36. Juniors and Seniors are able to participate in some credit recovery programs, such as ROP, in order to help them earn credits for graduation.

At Orange Grove High School, we follow the philosophy that the greatest gift we can give students is a chance.

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