Corona-Norco's Committment
Our school district has placed student safety as a top priority to ensure that every student feels safe while attending any campus. The District and our schools will not tolerate behavior that infringes on the safety of any student and encourages all students and staff to notify administration immediately when bullying is suspected or witnessed for investigation and appropriate action.
No student or group of students shall, through physical, written, verbal, or other means, harass, sexually harass, threaten, intimidate, cyberbully, cause bodily injury to, or commit hate violence against any other student or school personnel.
  What Bullying Is
Bullying is defined as the harassment of students, (see behaviors below), repeated over time, that causes or threatens to cause bodily harm or emotional suffering, creates a hostile learning environment, or disrupts the normal operation of a school, classroom, or school related activity. 

Bullying Behaviors may include:
  • Intimidation
  • Hazing or any initiation activity
  • Ridicule
  • Extortion
  • Verbal, written, or electronic communication
  • Physical threats
  • Physical contact
  • Talking, or using electronic means, to communicate to others that bullying is taking place or has taken place (i.e. video-recording a fight, texting about an incident that took place)
  • Cyberbullying (electronic communication): *
    • Post harassing images
    • Post threats
    • Post social cruelty
    • Send harmful messages (text, post), images, or sounds
    • Includes all technology, such as cell phones, Internet, social networking sites, or any other digital technologies.
  • *(Cyberbullying includes the transmission of harassing communications, direct threats, or other harmful texts, sounds, or images on the internet, social media, or other technologies using a telephone, computer, or any wireless communication device. Cyberbullying also includes breaking into another person’s electronic account and assuming that person’s identity in order to damage that person’s reputation.)  A student shall be subject to school/District disciplinary action for off-campus expressions (including via electronic means), when such expressions are obscene, libelous or slanderous, or when such expression poses a threat to the safety of other students, staff or school property, or disrupts the educational program.

      When Bullying Occurs

    Students who engage in bullying (including cyberbullying) on campus, traveling to or from school, at school functions, or in a manner otherwise related to school attendance shall be subject to school/District disciplinary procedures. Students may be subject to school/District disciplinary action even if bullying takes place off-campus should it include obscene, libelous, or slanderous communication, or when such expression poses a threat to the safety of other students, staff, school property, or disrupts the educational program.
      What You Can Do
    If you are a victim of bullying or know someone who is, please take a moment to either tell a staff member, administrator, or complete this form and give (or have someone else give) to the office staff.
    Click Here for the
    Bullying Incident Report Form

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