Summer School 2013
summer school
 Eleanor Roosevelt High School

Letters to Eligible Students - have already been distributed

Who is Summer School for?
Summer School is only offered to current 8th grade students who score "Basic" on their Math and/or Language Arts CSTs, have lower than a 2.0 GPA, and/or are recommended by a teacher and/or administrator.
How do I know if my son/daughter qualifies?
The administrative team has identified these select students and have distributed a letter during the students' Language Arts classes on April 19th and 20th. 
What if my son/daughter did not receive a letter, but still wants to attend Summer School?
Please see Mrs. Hurd at your earliest convenience to see if he/she qualifies and would benefit from the program.

Does my son/daughter have to attend?
No. This is completely optional.
What classes are offered?
The only class that is offered is a course called "Summer Bridge," which is taught by two teachers (a Math and a Language Arts teacher) who will reinforce key Math and Language Arts concepts to better prepare the students for success in high school. This all-day class covers both subject areas, regardless of which content area the student requires the most or least help to ensure that Math and Language Arts concepts taught in intermediate school are mastered. By mastering all concepts, the student has a better chance of successfully passing 9th grade Language Arts and Math. It is imperative that all students gain as much exposure and practice in these areas because of CST testing, class placement, and to ensure success on the California High School Exit Exam (taken at the end of the students' 10th grade year). Although the Summer Bridge course does not guarantee success, past students have experienced more success in their high school years than those who did not (i.e. grades, attendance, state testing performance).
How effective is this course?
Continuous data and research shows that students who take this course are definitely more successful in high school than students with similar academic performances and needs who do not take the course.
Is there a fee?
No. CNUSD pays for all costs. Students will only be required to pay for their own supplies (if the teachers request it) and lunch.
Where will Summer School be held?
Norco students generally attend Eleanor Roosevelt High School, but also may elect to attend Corona High School or Santiago High School. Simply check the box next to your prefered school on the registration card.
Will the students earn high school credit?
Yes! Students who successfully complete this course with a "D" or better will receive 10 Elective Course Units on their high school transcript.
Is there anything offered for 7th grade students?
Unfortunately, due to budget cuts, there are no summer school courses being offered to current 7th grade students this year.
What if my student has an IEP?
Letters have been mailed to students with the extended school-year written in their IEP. Please contact Mr. Christensen if you have any additional questions (see contact below).
When are the Registration Cards due?
Please return all 8th Grade Summer School Registration Cards to the office by May 11, 2012.
Can I make a copy of the Registration Card?
No. Because these cards will be used as the Summer School Emergency Cards to keep on-hand in the office should an emergency arise, the district is requesting that only the yellow cardstock forms be used. Please pick-up forms in the office when they are made available next week.
When will I be notified if my child was accepted into Summer School?
Parents will be notified by mid-May.

Is there a limited number of seats?
Currently, there is no limit.
Will transportation be provided?
No. It is the parent's responsibility to arrange transportation daily to the high school the student will be attending.
Will lunch be provided?
Lunch will be sold to students during a lunch break in the middle of the day. Vending machines are also available on Eleanor Roosevelt's campus in multiple locations.
Do students have to attend the full day of class?
What if my child needs to miss school?
Please contact Mrs. Hurd at the information provided below for detailed information on Summer School attendance requirements. 


8th Grade Summer School - Summer Bridge Program

Student Advisor: Mrs. Hurd
Phone: 951-736-3206
Special Ed Summer School
Special Ed Department Chairperson: Karl Christensen
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