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First 4 Weeks of School
All 9th Graders MUST attend! 
7:45am - 8:45am
Performing Arts Center (PAC)
The 9th Grade PLC (also known as Passport to Success and Academic Advisement Program) is an intervention program exclusively at Norco High School, which began during the 2012-13 school year. This program earned the Model of Excellence award in 2014 by the County of Riverside because of the drastic impact it has on our 9th grade students, drastically reducing the number of D's and F's before moving on to their upper grades.
Where the Name Came From
The name of the program, PLC, comes from the educational term, which means "Professional Learning Community." This concept is practiced by teachers which involves them meeting in teams (or cohorts) based on the subject they teach, the grade they teach, vertical teaming with grade levels before and after the grade they are involved with so they can share their best-practices while collaborating and learning from one another so they can implement the best resources, teaching strategies, and present concepts that are most impactful in the classroom. While this is a practice that Norco High and most schools in our great school district, it is also a practice that is believed to present the most benefits among our students. Through required interaction, study groups, and exiting requirements, students gain communicative, particpation, and adult-like behaviors which are needed in their journey through high school to be succesful in the real world.
All Parties Must be Involved
In order for our students to be successful, there are three parties who must be committed:  
  • PART A - STUDENTS: Students will be required to attend multiple tutoring and intervention classes to receive supplemental instruction and support in the areas they need most. Click here for more information.
    PART B - PLC COACH: Many staff members have united forces to work together in this year-long program to ensure each child receives the support needed to be successful in high school. 
    Parents are a critical component to any child's success, which is why we have incorporated Parent Nights to regularly communicate and assist parents with ways to support their student(s). 

9th Grade PLC
Assistant Principal, Mr. Amabile - aamabile@cnusd.k12.ca.us
Safety Coordinator/Counselor, Ms. Motonaga - lmotonaga@cnusd.k12.ca.us
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