The Math department at Raney is dedicated to ensure that every student has a successful transition and is prepared for the next level in their math education.  This year the district is embarking on a transition to the Common Core State Standards. One of the big changes you will notice is in the realm of mathematics.  There is a concerted effort to allow students to deeply understand math concepts.  In the past students have learned many concepts on a basic level and now the focus is fewer concepts at a deeper level so that students will internalize these concepts and be able to apply them in many different circumstances.  At the Intermediate schools, this change has resulted in a change in the title of the mathematics class offered at each grade level.  The following classes indicated on the chart below describes the math classes that are offered at Raney Intermediate:

    Classes for 7th Grade Math

    Math 7

    •  The math class for the majority of 7th grade students

    Math 7 Accelerated

    • Two years of mathematics concepts combined into 1 year
    • Students are placed in this class based on proficiency levels on other tests.

    Classes for 8th Grade Math

    Math 8            

    •   The math class for the majority of 8th grade students.

    Integrated Math 1         

    • Advanced math class for students who have excelled in Math 7 Accelerated or equivalent.