• Elective Classes

     Our elective classes for 2017-2018 are offered as semester classes.
    (Band/Instrumental Keyboarding/Theater) are considered regularly scheduled classes and all attendance and grading procedures apply. Students are required to bring all materials every day including a pencil, music and or script, and instruments for band. All students will be expected to acquire an outfit for their performance. Band students will need a black shirt, black pants/skirt and black shoes. Theater student’s costumes will vary depending on the play being performed. Grades are based on class participation, scheduled after school practices, performance attendance and trimester exams.  Performance attendance is mandatory!

    Computer Science

    Visual Arts:
    Art class at Raney is a great combination of learning and fun!  Students begin by learning the elements and principles of design in-depth, then apply these new ideas to projects in paint, pencil, multi-media and with them long after they leave Raney.
    Math Academy 7/8:
    These courses will strive to assist students in exploring the world of numbers. The curriculum will require students to understand that our world consists of many patterns. By finding patterns in math, students can learn to understand math concepts instead of memorize them. Students will be directed to think logically and learn to solve problems. In our exploration of numbers, time will be given for games and activities.