• detention

    Detention Hall Rules

    Location: Room H-24

    Starts: 2:50 pm
         30-minute detention ends at 3:20 pm
         60-minute detention ends at 3:50 pm
    Days Offered: Tuesdays and Thursdays (except on minimum days)

    Students must...
    ... be in detention hall, quietly seated by 2:50 p.m.
    ... bring study materials (books, paper, pencils) - this is a great time to complete homework!
    ... work quietly for the entire time assigned (absolutely no talking or students will be dismissed without credit for serving)
    ... show the detention slip and student I.D. to the detention teacher to enter (the detention slip will be collected)

    •   Failure to serve on the day assigned may result in doubling of that given detention or a Saturday School assignment
    •   If a student is absent from school, he/she must serve on the day he/she returns to school

    Should you have a question, please contact the staff member who issued the detention (this can be found on the Detention Slip or by asking your son or daughter).