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    Front of the School - Enter in front of the school and flow north along Temescal towards the Agricultural Department. Although we ask that you do not park, we understand the hassle of exiting and re-entering the driveway. Should you wait, please pull as close to the curbside as possible to allow traffic to pass. 
    Upper Lot (Hillside Ave. / 2nd Street) - This lot is located near the football stadium and can be reached either through the entrance off Temescal or off 2nd Street. This area is available for student parking as well as student drop-off/pick-up.
    Bus Zone - Please refrain from using the driveway near the Performing Arts Center (the building with the lit neon sign) for any reason. This area is reserved for busses, staff, and Sherriff parking only.
    Carpool - Please consider carpooling to alleviate the heavy traffic. 
    Courtesy - Please refrain from using horns, excessive speeds, cutting-off other drivers, and yelling and throwing objects from car windows. Norco High School holds high standards for its students and parents and strives to preserve both physical and emotional safety of our students, residents, staff, and community members. Anyone caught displaying any forms of disrespect to the campus or to another person or his/her property may be subject to disciplinary action either by Norco High or the Riverside Sherriff's Department.
    Please Do Not:
    Drive at excessive speeds
    Make U-turns
    Drop off students in horse trails
    Drop off students in the turn lane of Temescal Ave.
    Pick up/Drop off students in the bus parking lot (small parking lot next to neon sign)
    Use horns (unless absolutely necessary)
    Drive across crosswalks until the pedestrian has completely crossed the street
    Drive too close to pedestrians

     Laws the SRO Enforces at NHS (PPT from Back to School Night)


    Please use extreme caution to prevent accidents and to ensure the safety of our students and staff.