Interview Tips
    job tips
    When introducing yourself when entering into an interview, always smile, shake hands, and thank the interviewer for taking the time to meet with you. You want to show that you are confident, like you are an adult with equal power; however, thankful that the person is taking time out of their busy schedule to meet with you.
    When asked to share a little about yourself, be sure to include topics that show you are a well-rounded individual: hobbies, interests, key family members who play an important role in your life, etc.
    Always make eye contact - it shows you're interested and paying attention to the interviewer's needs.
    When answering a question, always bring it back to how that can help the company you are applying with.
    When asked why you want a particular job, always start with good reasons, but then tie it back to how it will benefit the company.
       Interview Question: Why do you want this job?
       (Your truthful answer) I want to gain some work experience... (Tie it back to how it will benefit the company) and I love helping others.

    When asked about your weaknesses, always start with the weakness and then follow up with a strength - one that will surely benefit the company.
       Interview Question: Please provide one strength and one weakness.
            (Weakness) I have little or no experience... (Strength) I have something more valuable, which is people-skills
            (Weakness) I may spend too much time on something to make it perfect/I am a work-a-holic... (Strength) I always strive for excellence
            (Weakness) I am not very talkative... (Strength) This is something I want to work on and this job will provide that opportunity (show your willingness to learn)

    At the end of an interview when asked if there is anything else you would like share, always add something! Use this opportunity to make yourself stand out from the other applicants!