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    Use Career Cruising to explore future college and career options. The interactive website has resources for students to discover their learning style, their career interests and a section to create their High School 4
    year plan. C
    lick on the logo above to be directed to
    the Career Cruising login screen.
    It is our goal at Raney Int. School to prepare our students for what to expect as they move to high school.  There are certain classes that a student needs to begin taking as a freshman in high school. These classes are known as
    the "A-G Requirements or Courses“.  A student must take the classes in order to
    make themself eligible to attend a school in the University of California (UC) or theCalifornia State University (CSU) systems. Click on the logo above to see the “A-G” requirements or courses.
    The highly interactive website features blogs, videos, social media elements and comprehensive information and resources for middle school and high school students, parents, teachers and counselors. In addition to an English language version of the website, theCSU's How to Get to College website can also be viewed in Spanish.