NameMrs. Fernandez
    Subjects: Integrated 1 & Integrated 3
    ClassroomERHS C201

    Education: Texas A&M Univeristy, B.A. in Biology with Chemistry minor
    Grand Canyon University, M.Ed. in Secondary Education 


    CertificationsSecondary Education Certifications in
    Mathematics, Biology, & Mandarin Chinese
    Here are a few FAQ's:
         1. "Can I listen to my music in class?"    Phones are not allowed in class. Music will be played over the classroom speakers on occasion during classwork time.

         2. "Does homework count as a grade?"       Yes. 
         3.   "Do I have to take notes?"     Yes! Notes should be completed prior to the lesson for that section. Any missing notes or absent notes can be found on the class webpage along with the videos that accompany them. There is no excuse not to have them as everything is available online.
         4.   "Can I turn in late work?"   Late work is generally not accepted.

          5.  "What if I miss a test or quiz?"     Missed quizzes and tests due to excused absences can be made up within a week of return.

          6.  "What if I miss the day before a test or quiz?"       You are responsible for getting all material that you miss.  Everything is up on this website so you will take the quiz or test as scheduled.
          7.   "Are you available for tutoring?"     Yes. Please keep in mind that you need to bring your math materials to tutoring hours, and that it is not necessarily one-on-one question and answering help. If you are looking for a lesson to be taught or one-on-one help, please feel free to look into calling Mrs. Jennifer Gentile at (845) 325-4183 or emailing her at jgentile1968@gmail.com for private tutoring on an "as needed" basis. I do not know her in person myself, but she comes highly recommended.
          8.  "Why are tests such a big part of my grade?"       I am trying to prepare you for college and in college you will most likely have 3 or 4 tests that count as your entire grade. All of the notes, classwork, and quizzes lead up to the material on the test.
          9.  "Do you give extra credit?"      No.