• off-campus pass
    Lunch Pass
    What is it? The off-campus lunch pass is a pass that students must have in order to leave campus for lunch.
    Who can get one? Only Juniors (11th graders) and Seniors (12th graders) can obtain an off-campus lunch pass.
    What if I'm a Sophomore (10th grader) with a driver's license and car? The privilege to leave off-campus at lunch time is reserved for 11th and 12th grade students only.
    Who needs a pass? Any person leaving campus for lunch is required to have an Off-Campus Pass. Any student who sneaks off-campus without prior authorization will be referred to an administrator and may result in discipline.
    How much does it cost? Passes cost $10 with ASB and $15 without.
    How can I get one? Any 11th- or 12th-grade student who is interested must have his/her parent or legal guardian come into the Attendance Office to complete an Off-Campus Application (must present photo ID). Once the parent and the student complete this form in the presence of a NHS staff member, the staff member will look up the student's grades to ensure that he/she had passing grades on their previous report card (no "F's") and be in good standing (i.e. no behavior or attendance issues). ) Once qualified, the student then takes the approved application to the ASB Office to pay for the Off-Campus Pass. Administrations always reserves the right to revoke or refuse an Off-Campus Lunch Pass to any student at any time.
    How often can I apply? Students can apply anytime throughout the school-year; however, students who do not qualify from the previous semester may apply again after each new semester if their grades have improved.
    When will we be allowed to leave campus? We will begin distributing temporary passes a few days after the start of the new school year. A a table will be set-up just outside the Administration building for those students who qualify and who have paid. Announcements will be made at the start of the school year with regular updates.
    What if I lose my pass? Your parents must contact the student's administrator (based on the student's last name) an get approval for a replacement pass. Once the administrator has approved the duplicate pass, he/she will contact the Activities Office to proceed with issuing it. The cost to reprint Off-Campus Passes is $10.
    *Administrations always reserves the right to revoke or refuse an Off-Campus Lunch Pass to any student at any time.