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    Disaster + Earthquake + Active Shooter

    Shake Out District-wide Disaster/Earthquake Drill
    Each year, the district engages in a practice drill for all school sites to ensure all of the staff and students practice a trial-run of what to do in the event of an emergency. Drills are usually scheduled in late October.

    Student Pick-Up Location  
    In case of a real emergency evacuation, all students will be located on the football field.  Parents may pick up their students at the Field House.  Look for the blue flag.  Bring your photo ID.  Remember to remain calm.
    Blue Flag  


    Random Drills throughout the school year will include:
    Lock-down-- This drill includes the "active shooter" on campus.
    Evacuation-- This drill is where classes go outside for safety, such as after an earthquake or fire 


    Make your own plan now!  

    Parents and families, please make your own plan to prepare for a natural disaster.  See this flyer for more information and resources to help you get started.   
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