• Welcome to Mrs. Day's 4th Grade Class!

     Minds Under Construction
    Name: Mrs. Day
     4th Grade
    Email Address: jbugenhagen@cnusd.k12.ca.us
    Phone number: 951-736-7305

    8:25-9:00: Morning Routine/Review
    9:00-10:30 Literacy Block: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking
    10:30-10:45: Recess 
    10:45-12:05: Math
    12:05-12:45: Lunch/Recess
    12:45-1:15: Silent Reading/Guided Reading/ELD 
    1:15-1:50 Writing
    1:50-2:50 Social Studies/Science 
    2:50: Dismissal (1:50 Dismissal every Wednesday) 
    *PE takes place Thursday afternoons and every other Tuesday morning (100 Mile Club)
    **Library Tuesdays at 1:30-2:00
    ***Computers rotate through the room once a week

    1. Follow directions quickly
    2. Raise your hand for permission to speak
    3. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat
    4. Make smart choices. Be safe, be respectful.
    5. Keep your dear teacher happy :)


    I believe that all children have the potential for greatness!  I always focus on the positives in life, but there are times when a student does not exhibit behavior that will benefit his/her learning.  When this occurs, your student will face the following actions/consequences:

    • First Offense- Verbal Warning

    (1st clip moved to Think About It)

    • Second Offense- Loss of Recess

    (2nd clip moved to Teacher’s Choice)

    • Third Offense- Loss of 2 recesses/parent contact

    (3rd clip moved to Parent Contact)

    We will be using a clip chart this year to log positive and negative behaviors. 

    Clip Chart


    The basis for positive behavior at Rosa Parks Elementary School is our school’s Life skills Program.  Students work on the six human qualities in, as well as outside of,  the classroom  to earn an honor slip from their teachers, supervisors, and administrators as a reward for their responsibility. The six Life skills are Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Perseverance, and Kindness. The Life skills will be discussed and practiced daily in the classroom through literature and problem solving.



    I strongly believe in rewarding children to encourage their best behavior.  To reward students for their outstanding behavior, we will be having a monthly classroom store and raffles where your student will be able to enter the raffle for small incentive prizes by saving their tickets.  Students will be rewarded using classroom tickets, which can be saved up to earn classroom privileges and can be used toward the classroom raffle mentioned earlier.  Students will also be rewarded by words of praise, positive phone calls and/or notes home, and awards given out at assemblies.

    Homework will be assigned nightly, Monday through Thursday.
    Students practice what they are learning in class and how to manage their personal time.
    Students are responsible for writing their homework down on their homework planners daily in class Monday through Thursday.
    Please check your child's homework planner to ensure that they are being responsible for their assignments.
    Student Homework Planners:
    Each student will receive a Student Homework Planner that they are to keep all year long.  They are to bring this planner with them to school daily in order to write their nightly homework down.  This planner is to be checked and signed nightly.  Students will receive tickets for filling out and getting their planners signed nightly.  Please express to your student how important this planner is and how important it is to not lose or continuously forget to bring their planner to school. 
    Homework Folder (Green):
    This folder will contain your child's nightly homework along wit any unfinished classwork that is to be taken home and completed for homework.
    *Please be sure to check the homework folder nightly.
    Communication Folder (Rosa Parks Knights folder)
    This folder will be sent home approximately every 2 weeks (after story and Math Topic Tests).  This folder will include any tests, quizzes, and classwork that has been graded within those 2 weeks.  This folder may also contain important school information sheets or flyers.  On the left side of the folder there will be a parent signature page.  Please empty the folder when received, sign and date the signature page and return to school the NEXT school day. 

    Spiral Notebooks / Composition Books

    The majority of the work we do in class will be done in a classroom spiral notebook and/or a composition book.  These notebooks and composition books will be kept inside the classroom (students are able to take home for projects or tests if needed for studying). If they would like to use them for 5th grade they may do so. They will be out for Parent Information Night, conferences, and Open House.  Any other time you wish to browse through it, please visit the classroom.


    Spelling Words/Nightly Reading


    Students will be assigned spelling word activities every other week, which will focus on the spelling words of the week.  Spelling words will be passed out on Monday and a spelling test will be given on Friday. There will be daily homework and/or classwork to review the spelling words.  Twenty minutes of silent reading is recommended to be completed every night.




    Math will be checked daily.  This is a way for me to check for understanding of the concepts before moving onto a new skill.  Math homework will range from practice math book pages, to projects, to work directly from your student’s textbook.


    Oral Language/Poetry


    Poetry is a way to improve public speaking skills while focusing on eye contact, expression, creativity, and memorization. Students will have at least a week to prepare for their recitation of the poem publicly.  The students will be graded on memorizing, expression in face and voice, using a loud, clear voice, and creativity.


    Social Studies/ Science


    Your child will watch short video clips on discovereducation.com, read aloud lessons in their textbooks, and be given assignments after the reading has taken place in both social studies and science.




    Fourth grade begins to focus on computer usage. Your child will have access to laptop computers on a weekly basis. During computer time, we will be working on myaccess.com,  discovereducation.com, and pearsonrealize.com. These websites are accessible at home, therefore assignments that begin at school maybe completed at home. Your child will have an official username and password.




    Common Core


    The Common Core is a set of high-quality academic standards in mathematics and English language arts/literacy (ELA). These learning goals outline what a student should know and be able to do at the end of each grade. The standards were created to ensure that all students graduate from high school with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in college, career, and life, regardless of where they live.


    The standards are:

    1. Research- and evidence-based

    2. Clear, understandable, and consistent

    3. Aligned with college and career expectations

    4. Based on rigorous content and application of knowledge through higher-order thinking skills

    5. Built upon the strengths and lessons of current state standards