• first day of school
    1st day of school... photos will be held in the Performing Arts Center Lobby Wednesday and Thursday. (You may come to campus the days before school to get some things done, but will not be able to proceed without having an ID card, which is given by the photography station), so we recommend doing Late Registration on the first and second days of school.
    Students will no longer report to an Orientation class to pick up new schedules. Instead, students must look up their schedule the night before school starts for the most current schedule (use your school NorcoHS app!!!), then report directly to 1st period on Wednesday! Remember, there are lots of changes before school starts due to the balancing of classes! Report directly to 1st period! Check Student Connect or Parent Connect. Need help? Report directly to the library. 
    Schedules may be changed for scheduling errors and class changes only. No changes for teacher preference. No changes for period preference (unless authorized by a doctor). All schedule changes must be done by the 2nd week of school (last day is Friday, August 18th - no exceptions, including if a student is failing). Schedules may be changed involuntarily due to class closures and shifting of students to balance class sizes. Students must check on Q for changes - a copy will also be delivered to them in class.
    • 1st Week of School - counselors will be in the gym to meet with students during lunch. Please do not email or call; counselors will be focusing on great customer service for our students.
    • 2nd Week of School - counselors will return to their offices; students may come in a lunch to request schedule changes (not during class time) 
    Bell Schedule
    • 1st Day of School
    • PLC Schedule (late-start) - Does not start until the 2nd week of school. First week of school has a regular bell schedule Tuesday through Friday.
    Dress Code Policy   
    The Dress Code Policy will be strictly enforced beginning the first day of school.
    School Hours
    Our offices are open at 7am and close at 3:30 (main office closes at 4pm)
    Drop Off/Pick Up
    Click here to view the drop-off and pick-up locations and procedures. Remember NOT to make U-turns in the street nor park in the horse trails. Our school SRO will be ticketing regularly throughout the year!
    School Calendar
    Click here to view the main calendar (on our website) that all staff members and the school updates daily with key events, minimum days, and everything you need to know! Additionally, emails go out Sunday with the upcoming week and following week's events! (Athletics is NOT included... to find athletic events, visit wearenorco.org.)
    Student Parking Permit
    All students who plan to park on campus must have a Parking Permit by the second week of school. Permits may be purchased throughout the year. Disciplinary consequences may be issued to repeat offenders. Click here for fees and more information.
    Please click here to view our policy on campus visitors. New policy requires a drivers license or government-issued ID when arriving on campus.
    Summer Assignments
    If you're taking an honors or Advanced Placement class, be sure to complete your summer assignment(s) and have ready to hand-in on your first day of school!
    Students with IEPs or 504s
    If your child has an IEP (to receive Special Education Services), Case Carriers will be calling within the first week of school to introduce themselves and to answer any questions. Administrators will be contacting parents/guardians with students who have a 504-Plan to schedule their Annual Review, which is a required meeting within the first 30 days of school.
    9th Grade PLC
    This required intervention program for all 9th grade students will begin when we have our first PLC schedule. This starts the 2nd week of school on Wednesday. Click here to view the schedule and details outlining this program.
    Back to School Night
    Check the school calendar where we post all upcoming activities.
    Beyond the 1st Day - Get to Know NHS!!
    Click here to download a 2-page PDF that was included in all registration packets with a quick overview of key rules, procedures, and policies to better assist parents and students with our wonderful school!

    Got a question that wasn't answered with the above information?
    Email bhurd@cnusd.k12.ca.us at any time.