• Welcome to Language Arts with Ms. Coello!

    11th College Prep. (ENG3- Periods 2, 4, and 6)

    11th Advanced Placement (APLang- Periods 1 and 3)



  • Educational Background:
    *Norco Community College- Associate of Arts with Accounting Concentration
    *Indiana University Bloomington- Bachelor of Arts in English (Minors in Spanish & History)
    *Cal Poly Pomona- Multiple Subject Teaching Credential with BCLAD
    *Point Loma Nazarene University- Master of Arts in Edu Leadership (+Admin cred. Tier 1)
    *University of Phoenix- Single Subject Credential in English

    Professional Background:
    *Accounting Technician at Orange County Auditor-Controller for Tax Collector Agency
    *Accounting Specialist at Orange County Auditor-Controller
    *6th grade Teacher for Fontana USD
    *7th and 8th grade Teacher, EL Contact, Technology Grant (EETT) Peer Coach, and Team Leader for Jurupa USD 
    *Teacher on Special Assignment for English Learner Department secondary grades for CNUSD
    *7th and 8th grade Teacher, Department Chair, Master/Mentor teacher (CGU and USC), Team Leader, EL Contact for CNUSD
    *9th - 11th grade Teacher of English (College Prep/General Ed. Honors, and AP) and Master/Mentor Teacher (UCI) for CNUSD
    I was born and raised in a pocket of Los Angeles called Highland Park.  My family moved to Norco in 1996 (midway through my junior year of high school); although I attended college out of state, I returned to Corona because Corona is home, and home is where the heart is.
    Professional Background:    
    The Department of Education seeks to have every teacher certified in the area in which they are teaching. If this criteria is met, the teacher is "Highly Qualified.”  Ms. Coello is highly qualified to teach all subjects Kindergarten through 8th as well as adult education, any ELD grade/level, and English through 12th grade; in 2014, she completed her ERWC certification (CCSESA) and as of 2016 she received College Board certification to teach Advanced Placement Language and Composition. She started teaching in 2001 and has taught various subjects from 6th grade to 11th grade at a variety of levels.
    Personal Message to Students and their families:
       I believe in the power of education!  It is an establishment that serves to train our children to become active participants in the adult world.  Every subject, every assignment, every teacher, every event gives students insight to everyday matters of the adult world.  We are so consumed with media, technology, fashion and sports outside of the classroom that when we come to school, I ask that we are ready to explore other realms that will help shape who we are: math, science, history, english.
       Being a good student does not mean you get an A in everything you do; to me, it means that you give your all, that you continuously strive to improve, grow and evolve.  It's not about finishing first; it is about finishing right....to the best of YOUR ability.  I will come to work/school each day with an open mind, effective lesson plans, well-informed about best practices in pedagogy and current events, and with a heart to help you reach your goals.  In exchange, I ask that students also come to school ready to work hard.  Challenge yourself and others to develop greater perspectives; discuss everything you read, hear, see so that you can effectively write and communicate.  Smile!  We only have less than a year and time flies...even if you don't think you are having fun.  So, take advantage of every opportunity you are given and make this year the year that you learned more than you could have imagined.
       You will find that everyone has their opinion about people, places, and things.  I invite you to come to class without bias and without expectations of who I am or who your classmates are; instead come prepared to see things for yourself, to make your own opinion and back it up with real evidence.  I look forward to meeting you and working with you.  Please peruse the rest of our class website; I will make every effort to update it periodically.  :)  
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