• Exploratory Rotation Courses

    Students rotate through one or more of the following classes each trimester, depending on their individual course schedule and academic programs like GATE/Honors, SLD, etc.  Ask our Student Advisor for more info.

    c1 Introduction to Computers 7th Grade (**Exploratory Rotation Course**) This class is a three month course designed to introduce students to basic elements of running a computer.  It includes navigating a Windows based computer, keyboarding, Microsoft Office programs, and utilizing Internet Tools.  Students will learn by doing many fun projects, and finish by creating their very own video tutorials. 

    c2  8th Grade Computing- 3d Modeling (**Exploratory Rotation Course**) This is a three month course designed to explore the world of 3d modeling and its applications.  Students will learn how to navigate and utilize features of a 3d workspace, the basic elements of 3D development of objects, environments and animations.  Students will create their very own three dimensional objects and short movie introductions. 

    m  Mandarin (**Exploratory Rotation Course**) Mandarin class is trimester long course for both 7th and 8th graders. Students will be introduced to basic Mandarin (Chinese) through projects, as well as cultural activities.  Roosevelt High School offers yearlong Chinese courses for students who desire further learning of the language.    

    c3  High School, College, & Career (**Exploratory Rotation Course**) The primary purpose of this course is to prepare students for academic and professional success by developing applied technology skills (Excel, PowerPoint, Windows, Word, Prezi, and internet research skills), improving academic skills (oral presentations, PC-based note-taking and research skills, goal setting and planning skills, and keyboarding skills), completing personal traits assessments (personality, interests, multiple intelligences, values and skills surveys), exploring college alternatives (UC, CSU, community colleges, private universities, and trade/tech schools), and completing a computerized career survey (learn to use the CaliforniaColleges.edu and Career Zone California websites to help match personal and academic goals with career paths). All assignments and projects are designed to develop the technological knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to succeed in future academic and professional pursuits.  Career, College, Character.

    r  Forces in Motion: Introduction to Robotics (**Exploratory Rotation Course**) Using the Lego Mindstorm NXT platform, students will examine the world of robotics. Students will build and program autonomous units to complete tasks and challenges. Students will learn basic Physics and Mathematical concepts to complete the tasks associated with this course. A better understanding of the world of robotics will be achieved within this course. Students will compete in competitions against their peers using their knowledge gained through the course. This is a gateway course designed to be followed up with the 1 year Master Builder’s course and then an advanced robotics course offered at the high school level.

    Yearlong Elective Courses

    *Please note that Admission to several of the electives listed in this section is determined by application, which may include grade report verification and teacher recommendation forms.

     Intro to Game Design

    Are you interested in coding and creating your own video games on pc?  If so, then this class is for you! Students will design and program their own video games using code and computer science.  You’ll learn important gaming concepts while planning, designing and building racing games, mazes, and other fun games to illustrate your creativity and learning. We’ll use Unity and Scratch to make our 2D and 3D games and have fun with it.  This will be a yearlong intro class.

    No Application Needed.  Open to both 7th & 8th grades. 


    Video Production, Colts News/Intro to Computer Info Systems

    Video Production class takes place during 4th period and is a year long commitment.  We take care of the school's website, lobby PowerPoint, and the Student Video News Announcement show airing 2x a day to over 1000 students!  You have to be a student who likes a daily challenge, is a self-starter, shows intelligence, creativity, not too shy and is willing to talk to students.  We focus not only on the school's daily announcements, but showcase real life topics like bullying, social media safety, character, motivation, aspiring to do your best, -it’s digital storytelling at its best! Get hands-on training & explore the career of TV/Film Production, News anchoring, behind the scenes editing, pre & post production, public speaking, Apple i-Mac & Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier PC editing.



    Forces in Motion: Master Builders (Year Long Course)

    Students will hone the skills acquired during our introduction to robotics course. During this year long course, students will delve into complex issues present within our society and construct autonomous units to solve problems associated with these issues. Simple machines, mechanical engineering, renewable resources and product development will be the emphasis of this course. Students will work on building their skills within the realm of Physics and Engineering while competing with their peers in exciting challenges presented throughout the course.


    Microsoft Certification

    Jump start your education and career skills development by becoming a Microsoft Office Specialist.  Through this course you will learn Office 2013 programs and complete activities and tests to become certified as an MOS or Microsoft Office Specialist.  Certification will help you be ready for college and careers.  You will be recognized as an expert.

    Spanish 1

    In this class, students learn the basics for Spanish like numbers and the alphabet. They also learn simple phrases and communication related to daily life activities in Spanish. We focus on the conversation said of the language, this is essential to gain fluency. Students will also be learning the culture and traditions of different Latin American countries. 


    Associated Student Body (ASB)

    Associated Student Body (ASB) is composed of many student leaders on our campus. This course in open to both 7th and 8th grade students. Our main focus is creating and maintaining school spirit, along with providing a fun environment for all students here at RHIS. School dances are a big priority of ASB, and the student leaders are in charge of making sure every dance is a success. ASB also hosts lunch time activities, spirit weeks, talent shows, school fundraisers, assemblies, recycling, and other school related programs and activities. ASB is responsible for making EVERY day at RHIS memorable! ASB students are selected after an application and interview process.



    Where Everybody Belongs (WEB)

    WEB is a yearlong leadership course offered to 8th graders only.  7th graders apply in late winter/ early spring for their 8th grade year.   WEB leaders are tasked with welcoming incoming 7th graders and new students to RHIS.  Students who fulfill all application and deadline requirements will be granted an interview.  Class size is limited.  Students who are selected will be a big part of the social and emotional pieces that make our school the best place to be! We promote leading by example of the "Colts Way" and the golden rules of honesty.  WEB leaders are tasked with building integrity amongst their peers.  If you want to be someone that students and staff know and look up to, then WEB is for you. 



     Introduction to Health and Medical Careers

    This is a yearlong elective for students who are currently enrolled as a medical science student. This course engages students through text, hands on activities, and class discussions related to medical science topics, career exploration, and advancements in the medical industry. 


    Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) 

     AVID is a college preparatory program for underachieving, educationally disadvantaged secondary students. It was established in 1980 by Mary Catherine Swanson, a high school English teacher in San Diego, California. AVID rejects remediation for disadvantaged students in favor of challenging them to succeed. The AVID model focuses on students who are C students, traditionally unlikely to be eligible for university admission, and offers them access to academic support through specially developed teaching and learning strategies. In exchange for this support, AVID students are expected to commit to taking the most rigorous college preparatory classes offered at their school. Students who join AVID are placed in a daily, single-period AVID class that features a heavy emphasis on writing and inquiry supported by specialized tutoring in core academic subjects. College students provide tutoring.




     In this course students will gain skills in one or more of the following areas: page design, publishing techniques, editing and photography while producing a creative, innovative yearbook which records school memories and events. There is an emphasis on journalism skills in this class! Besides creating the school yearbook, students also publish a quarterly school newspaper.

     Students that choose to be a part of the yearbook/journalism class must be cooperative, creative, and productive. Students are responsible for taking digital photos, conducting interviews, managing clerical operations, advertising, and composing, designing, and editing all elements of text, graphic art, and digital photography layouts.  You will be the leaders and the decisions makers of the yearbook/journalism class at River Heights.

     **Students involved in the yearbook/journalism class are expected to maintain good grades and citizenship.  If grades fall below a C in any class or if a student receives a behavior penalty of a suspension or ACP students will be dismissed from this class.




    Speech/Dramatic Presentation

    If you’re interested in acting, public speaking, theatrical related jobs, or if you would simply like to improve your speaking skills while conquering stage fright, then Speech/Dramatic Presentation is the course for you! Speech/Dramatic Presentation is a year-long elective course that is designed to introduce students the art of dramatic performances, speech, improvisation, and technical theater.


    Band & Choir Courses

    mn Beginning Band

    This course is designed for students who have not had any previous experience playing an instrument. Students will learn the fundamentals of band instruments, how to read music notation, progress through method books/supplements, and perform in front of various audiences.

    mn2 Intermediate Band

    This course is designed for student who have had some band experience in elementary or private lessons.  Student continue practicing fundamentals of music reading, tone quality, and technique (scales and articulation).

    adv Advanced Band & Jazz Band

    These two courses are is offered to students with previous experience/enrollment in Intermediate Band.  Students wishing to join Advanced Band are required to contact Mr. Hartling.  Enrollment is subject to teacher approval.  Students wishing to join Jazz Band are also required to be enrolled in either Intermediate or Advanced Band.

    guit Beginning Guitar

    This course is open to beginners only.  Students will learn the fundamentals of music, note/rhythm notations, chords, scales, proper technique, and improvisation.

    ch Choir

    This course is open to all 7th and 8th grade students. Students will learn and perform harmony songs from a variety of styles and genres.  Students will focus on proper voice technique, stage etiquette, and song interpretation. Students will perform in front of their peers and at various community events.



    Academic Intervention Courses

    Success for School

     This class is year-long for some and only trimester-long for others (depending on their need for placement into another class).  The primary focus for this course is teach students how to reflect on their learning, improving organizational skills, and how to build on personal strengths while shrinking weaknesses.  Students enrolled in this course may have the opportunity to explore science experiments, art, and additional school/community contests.


    Strength and Conditioning (Healthy Living)

    This elective provides students with the opportunity to participate in strength training, physical conditioning, and other health-enhancing forms of physical activity.  Students will participate in a variety of sports including tennis, hockey, and softball.  Students will use exercise machines, free weights, circuit training, and group exercise (including but not limited to yoga, step aerobics, cardio kickboxing, and Pilates) to improve health-related fitness.  Through group discussion and hands on activities, students will come away with a greater understanding of the benefits of lifelong physical; activity and the skills to maintain a well-rounded lifetime fitness plan.


    Math Academy

    Math Academy is designed to support students in their core math class through both early exposure and extra practice of the math concepts. In class, students will engage in hands-on activities, discovery lessons, problem solving, skills practice, and collaborative activities that will aid in students’ understanding of the math standards and help build students’ overall self-confidence in math.

    English Language Arts Academy

    Language Arts Academy is designed to support students in their core Language Arts class through both early exposure and extra practice in the areas of writing, grammar, and reading.  In class, students will engage in both independent and collaborative activities that will aid in students’ understanding of the language arts standards and help build students’ overall self-confidence.