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    Physical  Education
    For the Love of Running 5K will be 2/15 
    Please use Run Meter for iPhone users and Map My Run for Android users to track your 5K.
    Intervention/Make-up 5K's 
    February 28 (7:45 AM)
    March 14 (7:45 AM)
    May 9 (7:45 AM)
    May 23 (7:45 AM)
    Makeup questions are at the bottom of this page for excused absent days only!
    Cell Phones will be allowed on 5K days only.  You must have an arm band or waist pouch to secure your phone.
        5 Components of Fitness
     * Cardiovascular Endurance
    * Body Composition
    *Muscular Endurance
    * Muscular Strength
     * Flexibility
       Contact # (951) 738-2100
         Important Links:
          Make-up Questions