Raney BYOD Frequently Asked Questions                                                          

    What is Raney BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Program?
    Bring Your Own Device allows students to bring their personal laptops or tablets from home and use them for educational applications in the classroom.
    How will my child be using their device during the school day?
    Students will use their devices to access resources, complete assignments, research information, access websites with curriculum-related content, collaborate in real time, produce documents, analyze data, participate in surveys, produce videos, reading digital books, create blogs, take notes, and other approved instructional activities.
    What about security/theft/damage?
    Devices are the sole responsibility of the student. CNUSD accepts no responsibility for the security or safety of the device. Students are responsible for the security of the device. Teachers and other staff will not store or hold onto devices. School technology support or teachers are not required to support, repair or troubleshoot student devices.
    What happens if the device breaks while in school?
    The student will put the device away and take it home at the end of the school day, where the student and parent can troubleshoot the device. CNUSD has limited resources and cannot provide comprehensive support for the wide variety of devices allowed under this program. Parents will be strongly encouraged to purchase a third-party insurance.
    What is the policy on charging personally owned devices while at school?
    It is recommended that personally owned devices come to school with a full charge. Students should be made aware that the school is not responsible to provide an opportunity or the necessary power to charge their device during the school day. However, teachers will make reasonable allowances within the classroom.

    What apps/software will be used in the classroom?
    The expectation of every device is that it has a web browser and can access the internet.

    Will the device be protected with Internet Content Filtering at school and at home?
    To facilitate instruction and practice internet safety, CNUSD’s internet connection is protected by an internet content filter. Cellular data plans do not use CNUSD’s internet connection and therefore do not use CNUSD’s internet content filter. Students should only use the CNUSD WiFi internet connection with their BYOD device while on CNUSD property. At home, parents/guardians are encouraged to monitor their students’ use of the internet. Families that are provided a district-sponsored broadband device will also be protected by an internet content filter.
    Will the family need to have Internet access at home?
    Yes. It is strongly recommended to have some form of Internet access (wired or wireless) in order for a child to make full use of school resources from home, as well the multitude of resources available on the World Wide Web. Limited district funding is available to provide a district-sponsored broadband device for families without Internet access at home; this device is protected by an internet content filter.
    How much does logging into my school account limit my internet capabilities?
    Students will have the same internet access on a device as they would be logging into any school computer.
    Can I print from my device?
    Currently, only school devices can print to school printers.
    Should I go out and buy my child a device?
    We strongly recommend that students bring their own device to ensure that the BYOD Program maximizes their learning experiences. Limited district funding is available to provide a district-owned mobile device for students whose parents/guardians cannot provide a device.
    Will teachers provide guidance on appropriate social media behavior (even though social media is not used in school)?
    Yes, a digital citizenship curriculum will be delivered to all students and presented to parents who require a device from school.  All parents will be invited to participate in digital citizenship trainings.
    Can I keep personal data on my device such as music or photos?
    Any inappropriate photos should never be on your device. Music that may be considered inappropriate should not be played while on school grounds. If you think it might be considered inappropriate, take it off and store on your device(s) that don't come to school.
    What if you see someone using your device without permission or see someone doing something wrong?
    Anytime this happens, students should report it to the teacher or school staff immediately.
    What are the requirements for the BYOD Devices?
    Check the list of the Suggested Requirements for BYOD Devices 
    How do I request a device or Internet access for my student?
    There is an application process for a student device and/or broadband device for families without access to a device or Internet access at home. As funding is imited, we ask that only families without access and funding apply. Please check our Mobile Device Application.
    What document governs the use of BYOD within CNUSD?
    Student participation in BYOD is governed by Board Policy and the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). Parents and students are required to read and accept the AUP using district’s devices and network. BYOD permission is now acknowledged by signing the parent and/or guardian signature sheet.