• final exams
    Final Exams' Weeks 
    At the end of each semester, students are required to take final exams to demonstrate their understanding and learning for that semester. Some exams are district-created exams whereas some are teacher-designed exams. Some may be taken on the computer while others might be administrated in the traditional paper-and-pencil fashion.
    Policy about leaving early (before the bell):
    To avoid excessive interruption during final exams and to ensure the safety for all students and staff, here are a few notes about leaving early during finals week:
    • Students may not leave early - students will be released at the bell.
    • Students will not be released by the teacher should a student receive a text from a parent/guardian.
    • 18-year olds will not be able to sign themselves out before the bell.
    • Students who are ill must check in with the Health Office. If the student is ill, the Health Clerk will notify parents for pick-up.
    • Students caught wandering outside of class without a proper pass will be placed in ACP for that period.
    What if we are absent for a final exam or the whole week?
    It is the student's responsibility to notify the teacher and work out an alternative means of taking the exam and submitting any final work. Administrators cannot override teachers' policies and practices as long as it coincides with EdCode and Board Policies.
    When do report cards come out? View dates on the "Report Card" page of our website.
    • Seniors who fail and are not eligible to graduate will meet with counselors to enroll in summer school (Independent Study at Corona High and graduation will be July 20th at Santiago High) this week. They are eligible to participate in all Senior activities except the grad ceremony (they will not "walk"). View info on the district website.
    • Teachers with students in grades 9-11 will have grades submitted in Q by Most teachers have grades finalized by Friday, June 3rd. Report cards are mailed home June 13.
    What is the bell schedule during finals week? Refer to the modified bell schedule on the "Bell Schedule" page of our website.
    • 2nd to last week of school is a regular bell schedule all 5 days, which means no PLC (or late-start) on Wednesday.
    • Last week of school is only 3 days, which are all minimum days. School is released at 11:55am, but lunch is served until 12:30pm.
    When should students clean out their lockers? 
    • 12th Grade - please clear out lockers by May 25th
    • 9th-11th Grades - please clear out lockers by June 1st

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