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    Health Careers Pathway

    The Health Careers Pathway at Corona High School serves to help strengthen high school students’ preparation for careers in high-wage, high-demand industry sectors and expose students to a broad array of healthcare professions.  Not only will the health careers pathway help students learn through lessons and lab activities that reflect healthcare industry themes, practices, and terminology, it will also prepare students for rigorous college science classes that are the prerequisites to college training programs. Our students will be prepared to pursue any health training program of their choice, from technician to physician. 

    Course Sequence
    Year 1Medical Biology
    Year 2Medical Chemistry
    Year 3
    Medical Anatomy & Physiology
    Sports Medicine Advanced 
    Year 4 
    Emergency Medical Response

    Health Careers Pathway includes opportunities to:

    · Job Shadow (8 hours)

    · Internships/Externships                                             

    · Career/Guest Speakers

    · Site/College Visits

    · Simulation Labs

    · Field Trips

    · Health Careers Exploration Day

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    Our program offers flexibility for students to tailor their non-science course work to their needs.  Students have the option of enrolling in honors/AP classes based on each students strengths.  Our program highly recommends that each student in our pathway joins AVID, to help students improve and enhance their study skills to become college and career ready. 

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     If you have any questions please feel free to email Jennifer Lim (Pathway Lead), jlim@cnusd.k12.ca.us