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    Celebrating Positive Student Behavior:
    River Heights promotes and celebrates positive student behavior.  Through staff commitment and a strong partnership with our PTSA and local business partners, students are rewarded for positive behavior and success in the following ways:
    * HERO points and tickets
    * Front of the lunch line passes
    * Class rewards and/or special activities
    * Certificates of recognition
    * Shout-Outs! on the Colts News airing three times each week
    * Academic Honor Roll
    * Positive phone calls to parents
    * Cool Colts
    * Special activities and assemblies
    * Colt Pride~knowing that you are appreciated and that you make our school a positive and fun place to be! 
    Colts Demonstrate Positive Behaviors Such as:
    * Demonstrating The COLTS Way
    * Following directions given by any staff member or adult on campus
    * Enjoying all food, candy, and drinks in the lunch area rather than in classrooms, office, or hallway areas
    * Using only positive, respectful, language and gestures
    * Avoiding insulting, teasing, bullying, threatening or intimidating others
    * Keeping our campus free of trash and graffiti
    * Taking pride in doing their own work rather than copying or plagiarizing
    * Following all RHIS and CNUSD guidelines and expectations for student behavior