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    Dear Parents/Guardians of Raney Intermediate School students,

    We are excited to tell you that this school year we will begin using a program called Canvas to simplify all of our lives. Canvas is a learning management system (LMS) which will do some very exciting things:

    • Teachers can post their assignments, along with directions, rubrics, and all documents, web links, or even media that the students need to use to complete the assignment.

    • Assignments will be listed in a “To-do List” for the students, along with the due date.

    • Assignments will also show up on a Calendar which shows which assignments are due each day.

    • Students will submit work via the LMS--Canvas--so that there is much less opportunity for confusion and missing work. Any homework that hasn’t been turned in yet will be listed right there in the student’s “To Do List”!

    • Parents and students will also be able to message teachers through Canvas.

    • Canvas has iOS and Android Apps so it can be used from almost any mobile device.

    • Parents and students can choose which automatic updates they are sent (i.e. Overdue Assignments, Messages from the Teacher, Class Announcements, etc.) and how they want to receive them - e-mail, text message, or both.