• Name: Video Production Class with Mr. Mack (Macdonald)

    Subject: 4th Period (Computer Information Systems Class) a.k.a. Video Production/Colts News Class

    Email Address: mjmacdonald@cnusd.k12.ca.us (put the 'j' in there, otherwise emails go to the wrong teacher!)

    Phone number: 951-738-2155 ext. 4464

    You must have a parent signed Internet & Media Permission form on file with CNUSD.


    Video Production class takes place during 5th period, and takes care of the school's website, lobby Powerpoint, and the student news announcement show airing Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays.  
    You have to be a student who likes a daily challenge, is a self-starter, shows intelligence, creativity, is not too shy and is willing to talk to students.  It's digital story telling time, as well as learning about the Career Pathways of  TV and Broadcast Journalism. 
    Your GPA must be between 3.0 or above, and your citizenship in school and in the community must be Outstanding.  
    Video Production Class & Colts News Tech T.A. are year long commitments.  We focus not only on the school's daily announcements, but showcase real life topics like bullying, social media safety, character, motivation, aspiring to do your best, etc..

    If you are a Video Production/Colts News Tech T.A. for Mr.Mack, the same requirements are in place because much of the editing & post production takes place throughout the day.  These T.A.'s are the heart of the whole show and are greatly appreciated in helping Mr.Mack produce the show.    

    Get hands-on training in the career of TV & Film Production, News anchoring, TV News Production, Public Speaking, Computer Editing,  & lights, camera, sound. 

    Interested? Then see Mr. Mack or the front office for an application at the beginning of each school year.
    yt  go to http:youtube.com/riverheightscolts for our channel. (Note: We do not use 'adsense' or gather any money from YouTube advertising.)