We are commited to respecting cultural diversity,
empowering all learners, and
developing compassionate people
 who take responsibility
for making positive changes
in our global society.
H onor - yourself, your family, your school, your
    community. Bring honor to yourself by
    always being honest.
A cheivement - strive for the highest level always.
R esponsibilty - conduct oneself according to the sense of
   what's right and wrong.
A ttitude - use good judgement by thinking things through
   - be positive about yourself, about others, about your
   teachers, about your school.
D edication - dedicate yourself to doing your best at all
   time,  under all circumstances for the betterment
   of  yourself, your family, and  your school.
A ccoutability - always be accountable for your actions. 
   YOU are responsible for YOU!