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      mugshot Dr. Teri L. Osborn

      Subjects: International Baccalaureate Biology, AP Biology, Natural Science

      Email: tosborn@cnusd.k12.ca.us
      Phone number: 951-739-5670 ext. 3831 
    Educational background:
    University of Nebraska : Bachelor of Arts in Education K-12 and Master of Science in Education, Biology.
    California State University: Master of Arts in Education Administration
     California State University: Doctor of Education, Educational Leadership and Curriculum
     Welcome to my site!
    Biology for 9th and 10th Grades

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    AP/IB Biology - Year 2
    This is a fast-paced, extremely comprehensive course that covers topics from both introductory level biology and chemistry courses and will require the production of a research science fair project, independent class note-taking from my website, online homework and online assessments. Independent work skills and strong self-discipline are essential to survive the course and the ability to deal with a heavy homework load is required.
    SUMMER WORK 2017
    1. Sign up with Remind.com
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    • @d4b98b to 81010 for Extended Essay 2017-2018
    2. Begin your Technical Science Research Project
    • Must include experiment that you can measure a response!!!
    • Find 5 scholarly articles with research to support it (no websites; articles can be from college library, online scholarworks, scientific magazines, Google Scholar)
    • Formulate your Null and Alternate hypotheses
    • Identify your IV, DV and constants
    • Develop a procedure for experiment and data collection
    5. All items due by second week of school in August. Keep in a folder.

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