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    Effective Communication- Reading and understanding grade-level appropriate material across the curriculum
    - Writing with coherence and focus across the curriculum using a variety of formats
    - Speaking with confidence and purpose across the curriculum
    - Listening reflectively and critically to interpret the message of others

    Applied Knowledge and Reasoning by:
    - Meeting or exceeding proficiency standards in all classes
    - Possessing math, logic, and reasoning skills, and the ability to apply those skills in a variety of contexts
    - Using the higher-order critical thinking skills of application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation to think creatively, make decisions, and solve problems

    Responsible 21st Century Citizenship by:- Demonstrating knowledge of, and respect for, the diversity among people
    - Demonstrating personal and civic responsibility
    - Demonstrating an awareness of healthy lifestyle including the skills necessary to respond effectively to stress, conflict and change
    - Developing and responsibly utilizing appropriate technology across the curriculum
    - Developing and using the educational plan to set meaningful personal, academic, and career goals based on individual strengths and interests
Last Modified on December 1, 2017