• Mrs. Shires’

    Classroom Supplies

    Wish List

    Dear parents/guardians,

    Every year teachers are given a limited budget to spend on classroom supplies. As you can imagine, the money is spent quickly on basic supplies such as: lined paper, computer paper, construction paper and pencils. There are still numerous supplies that are needed on an every day basis that are not provided within the given budget. If you would like to donate supplies for our classroom I have provided a list of items that will directly be used with your child. Thank you for your support!

    1.    #2 pencils

    2.    Pencil cap erasers

    3.    Glue sticks

    4.    Colored pencils

    5.    Children’s scissors

    6.    Kleenex

    7.    Hand Sanitizer

    8.    Colored construction paper

    9.    Non-scented baby wipes

    10. Expo White Board Markers

    11. Vis-à-Vis Markers