• Contract is due on Friday

    Directions: This contract is given out on the first day of the week and it is due on Friday of each week.  Each activity must be numbered, arranged in the proper order, and the entire contract stapled together with this cover sheet on top.  Grading for the contract is as follows.



                             8 activities properly completed = A

                             7 activities properly completed = B

                             6 activities properly completed = C

                             5 activities properly completed = D

                             4 or less activities completed   = F


    ________      ________     ________     ________      ________     __________

    ________      ________     ________     ________      ________      __________

    ________      ________    _________     ________     ________      __________

    Spelling List:

    1.     Write your spelling words five times each.

    2.     Draw a picture and hide each of your words in the picture.

    3.     Write your spelling words in interesting sentences.

    4.     Write your spelling words and divide them into syllables.

    5.     Write definitions for each spelling word in your own words.

    6.     Write your spelling words, circle the vowels and underline the consonants.

    7.     Write a short story using each of your spelling words. Be sure to underline them in the story.

    8.     Write your spelling words and identify their part(s) of speech.

    9.     Create word scrambles using each of your spelling words.

    10.  Pyramids

    11. Write your spelling words 3 times with 3 different colored pencils

    12. Put your spelling words in alphabetical order


    Read for 20 minutes each night. Write a summary of the book you read using the lines below.