• Homework Policy


    Goals of Homework

    ·        Extend or reinforce classroom learning

    ·        Aid in the mastery of skills

    ·        Teach students responsibility by learning to use their time wisely

    Homework Guidelines


    30 – 45 minutes of homework each night, four nights a week.
    žHomework will include:
    1.  Reading each night and will require either
    •  keeping a reading log that will be due on Friday or
    •  working on an assigned book report with a specific due date
    2.  Spelling Activity
    3.  Math Practice sheet reinforcing current days lesson
    Occasionally at home projects will be assigned with advance notice and ample time to complete the project. 

    If your child does not understand the homework assignment after you have tried to help, please write me a note so I can give them further help.

    Homework is not meant to frustrate your child or yourself.  If there are any problems please let me know and we will work them out together.