• Frequently Asked Questions

    Why would I want to go to Kennedy Middle College?
    Because we believe it is a great school, we realize what we have to offer is not for everyone, but when it is the right "fit" for students, they have a fantastic experience here!
    Kennedy is unique. By California high school standards, it's small - about 650 students. But for a middle college, we are the largest in the country. We see our size as an advantage: we are able to keep an intimate, informal atmosphere on campus while offering a large enough selection of classes to allow our students to take advantage of the courses at Norco College. We are small enough where most of the students know each other, but large enough that we can have activities like dances, Prom, and Grad Night.
    Academically, Kennedy offers students the chance to pursue their academic and career interests at Norco College. Our expectation is that all students will graduate from high school with at least one year of college courses completed, and we encourage our more ambitious students to complete their A.A./A.S. degree at NC while still in high school. Our students also can complete their general education requirements at NC, enabling them to enter a four year college or university with junior status!
    Ask a Kennedy student what they like about the school, and you will get one of three answers.
             1. They like our faculty and the fact that our teachers care about their academic success. Our teachers are student-centered and                pride themselves on having engaging, relevant, and challenging classes.
             2. They enjoy the opportunity to pursue their goals through the community college, and to experience real college courses. Whether                they are preparing for entrance into a four year college or university, pursuing a 2 year college degree, or heading toward a                vocational certificate, Kennedy students are happy to be able to get a jump start on their dreams.
             3. They love the freedom of Kennedy. We have an open campus. Every student is eligible for an off-campus lunch pass. We allow                students to relax when they do not have classes. Students are expected to act maturely, and are treated with respect. Despite                having 650 teenagers in a single building, we have no "drama" at the school. In fact, many of our students come to Kennedy to                avoid the social pressures at traditional high schools. Without the behavioral issues that plague most high schools, we are able                to provide our students with almost all of the freedom and privileges they experience at Norco College.
     *To obtain an application, click here.
    Suggested guidelines for applicants

    Students seeking an opportunity to attend JFK should consider themselves ready for college.  Students must have a GPA of 2.0 or above. (Required by Norco College to enroll in college courses), have a record of positive attendance, and little to no discipline issues.  Students who are motivated, mature, disciplined, have good attendance and demonstrate academic potential.

    Is Transportation Provided?

    No.  Transportation through First Student will no longer be provided.

    Other Options Include:

               •Students who are able to drive can do so.
               •Corona Cruiser and  RTA have routes throughout Corona, Norco and surrounding areas and include Norco College as a stop on their routes.
               •Parent or Student arranged carpools (*set up by individual families)
               •Those who live close by can walk or ride a bike.

    Are there lockers?


    Are there Honors, Advanced Placement, or International Baccalaureate classes offered?

    • No.  However, students may earn college credits towards an A.A. degree in their career certificate or general education classes.  For university acceptance, transferable college classes receive the same g.p.a. points as AP and Honors classes.                                        

    • Students currently enrolled in Honors,  Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate Classes at their current high school should continue on that path.      

    Will students be able to fulfill the University of California A-G requirements?

    Yes.  Kennedy High School will offer coursework that will allow students to complete A-G requirements.

    Can Kennedy accommodate students with special needs?

    Yes.  All students at Kennedy Middle College are mainstreamed in general education courses.  Kennedy Middle College offers accommodations for English Learners and Special Education Students on a case by case basis, and applicants will need to provide copies of accommodations upon submitting an application.

    Will I need to pay for my high school text books?


    Does Kennedy have an athletics program?

    No.   However, students may choose to become involved in a number of other extra-curricular activities available at Kennedy High School and Norco College.
    Students from within the Corona-Norco Unified School District can compete in athletics at their home school while attending Kennedy.

    Does Kennedy have a choir, band, or theater program?

    No.   However, students may choose to become involved in a number of other extra-curricular activities available at Kennedy Middle College and Norco College including choir and theater at Norco College.  We do have clubs for both theater and choir.  See our Club page for all campus clubs.

    Does Kennedy have dances, Prom, Grad Night, etc.?


    What if I decide that I want to return to my previous school, can I?

    It is expected that students remain at Kennedy for a minimum of a one year.   Students and parents should give our program serious consideration before making the decision to attend.

    Can I attend Kennedy Middle College if I do not live in the CNUSD attendance area?

    Yes! You will need to call us to obtain the necessary paperwork that will be filed with the district.