• This program allows a student to work at his own pace to complete classes by fulfilling course requirements set forth in each Credit Recovery Portfolio.  Two or three credentialed teachers are available to answer questions and assist students toward their goals of high school graduation.  Students attend 180 minutes in their daily ALC classes as well as completing 20 hours of homework each week.

    This rigorous course of study, with Credit Recovery Portfolios that strictly address state standards, provides students the opportunity to return to their home school, matriculate into our Regular Program, or another program, and graduate from LPHS.  This shorter day schedule is beneficial to many students who do not function well in a traditional classroom setting, who have jobs or personal and/or family concerns.  Once students have recovered the majority of their credits, they are counseled regarding transferring into the LPHS Regular Program or returning to their home schools.  A maximum of 45 credits may be earned each semester in this program.