2010-2011 Newly Revised Vision, Mission and ESLRs


Vision Statement

We Are…
the foundation for dreams, inspiring students’ passion for continuous learning that leads them to independence, empowering them to make informed and responsible choices in life!

Mission Statement

We Are…
a COMMUNITY working together to prepare college and career-bound graduates who are RESPONSIBLE, RESOURCEFUL and READY TO ACHIEVE.

Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRs)


• Making healthy and positive life choices.
• Participating actively in our school environment and community
• Accepting of differences and respectful of the ideas, opinions and values of others
• Producing work that demonstrates integrity and pride.


• Using a variety of techniques to collect, organize, and critically interpret information
• Using critical thinking skills to identify and solve problems
• Developing a plan of action to achieve challenging goals
• Using technology, tools and equipment effectively in and out of the classroom

Ready to Achieve

• Reading for meaning, purpose, and knowledge
• Expressing ourselves effectively using written, verbal and non-verbal communication
• Listening actively and responding appropriately
• Collaborating effectively in teams
• Pursuing excellence through academic, ART, athletic, and CAREER TECHNICAL programs
• Presenting a positive image of ourselves, our school, and community.

Student Motto

We Believe We Can Achieve Our Dreams.
We Are…Norco!

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