• Destination Imagination 
    Advisor(s): Mr. Usui
    Meetings: During lunch and after school
    Who may attend: Everyone is welcome (preferred 2.0+ GPA)
    When activities take place: August through May
    Description: Teams of up to seven members have fun working together and having success in solving the challenge. An extra-curricular activity on creative problem solving and team work with competitions at the regional, state and international levels. Teams create and perform with a focus on their individual talents and skills.
    For More information: See Mr. Usui in N-213

    What is California Creativity/Destination Imagination?
    California Creativity is the California chapter of the Destination Imagination organization. Destination ImagiNation, Inc. seeks to be the world’s foremost non-profit membership organization dedicated to promoting three critical life skills among learners at all levels: Creativity, Teamwork, and Problem-Solving. These three life skills form the core of our organization’s value system.
    A:  Its Your Move Create a game played on a giant game board with a large team-driven vehicle for a game piece.
    B:  On Holiday You and your teammates will create comic fireworks in a humorous performance about your adventures in a foreign nation.
    C:  Dual DI-lemma Your Dual DI-lemma is to design, build and test two Structures using contrasting materials and contrasting construction methods, and to present a performance illustrating two contrasting Segments.
    D:  StranDId Isolated in a stranded situation and unable to use electric power of any kind, the characters must use a team-invented mechanical device (and their own "energized" ingenuity!) to cope with their situation. By skillfully adapting everyday items to use in new ways, and with the help of a humorous character, the team will bring its predicament to a happy conclusion.
    E:  Art of Improv Your challenge is to create a connection of unrelated elements by integrating a team created image(s) from Famous Artwork, information gathered from an Exploration, a Situation, and a Surprise Character by using an Improvisational technique.


    California Creativity
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