• Friday Night Live
    Advisor(s): Kim Bolle
    Who may attend: All students are welcome
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    Friday Night Live is a state-wide student-led organization that "builds partnerships for positive and healthy youth development which engage youth as active leaders and resources in their community."  Each year, student leaders choose a community issue they wish to work on.  In 2010, FNL successfully campaigned for a smoke-free parks city ordinance.  In 2011 and 2012, FNL hosted three DEA-supported National Prescription Drug Take-Back days on school campuses.
    Drug Take-Back 20112011 Leaders
    Our purpose is to represent FNL and its work to promote positive alternatives to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, and violence (ATODV). Our goals for 2011-2012 are to actively participate in community service, increase awareness of the dangers of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, and promote healthy alternatives at Norco High and in the community.  Each month, FNL leaders plan a minimum of one social activity, in addition to their community service activities.
    Coastal Cleanup 2010
    Rose Bowl 2010
    Riv Co FNL