• Lori Motonaga is Norco High School's Safety and Violence Prevention counselor. She is located in the Counseling Office. Below you will find a Misssion Statement, major duties and responsibilities of the Safety & Violoence Prevention Counselor here at Norco High School. Students either self refer or are referred by concerned school staff, parents, community members/agencies or other students. 

    Mission Statement
    IN PARTNERSHIP WITH OTHER EDUCATORS, PARENTS OR GUARDIANS AND THE COMMUNITY, the mission of the School Safety &Violence Prevention Counselor is to empower students with the support and resources to make positive decisions, healthy choices and form positive relationships to maximize student potential and academic achievement.

    School Safety & Violence Prevention Counselor
    Major Duties & Responsibilities

    • To provide support for students with chronic or severe personal/social concerns that pose a risk to the health or safety of the student or others through individual and group counseling sessions.
    • To support counseling staff in their efforts to reduce conflict and “at-risk” behavior for students identified as highly “at risk.”
    • To conduct emergency student assessment as needed i.e. suicide, danger to others.
    • Monitor and support Alternative Placement Students “C-Violators” with individual/group counseling, compiling petition packet, provide referrals as needed, consult with parents, present cases to district office and monitoring students upon return to their home school.
    • Identify and implement comprehensive violence prevention and intervention programs as necessary.
    • To liaison with community agencies that may be involved with students displaying a concern with safety or violence and their parents.
    • To assist parents in identifying support systems and/or programs.
    • To assist with successful transition of both 9th grade and new students into high school that have been identified as highly “at-risk” for violence or safety problems.
    • Support peer resource programs that deal with safety and/or violence prevention.
    • To work with school administration and the school resource officer in the area of violence prevention and student safety.
    • Identify and provide staff development on conflict resolution and violence prevention issues.
    • To provide the school staff with information regarding: (A) Identifying youth behavior that is “at risk” for violence or safety problems.  (B) How to build protective factors in to the fabric of school and classroom culture.
    • To communicate student’s status/progress to appropriate school personnel and other adults responsible for the welfare of the student
    • Participate in school committee(s) at school of assignment related to school safety and violence prevention.
    • To maintain confidential student records and to generate necessary reports for monitoring by school, district and state.
    • Attend SST’s and I.E.P meetings to support students on AB1113 case-load as needed.
    • Continual professional growth by staying current and abreast with latest trends and current research in the field of counseling.

    Per California Education Code, all students over the age of 12 may receive confidential counseling of a personal nature. Anything personal that is disclosed is not shared withother professionals/parents unless safety issues are concerned. If issues concerning safety are disclosed, counselors are required to report this information to appropriate parties.

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