• .Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

    Upon graduation Orange Grove students will:

    1. Demonstrate mastery of a critical mass of knowledge.        

    · pass the California High School Exit Exam.

    · pass 5 of 6 classes

              Staff will:

    · have knowledge and expertise of their curriculum as evidence by                                               being highly qualified in their area.

    · utilize effective learning strategies


    2. Exhibit entry level skills, attitudes and habits appropriate for successful employment.

    · demonstrate literacy.

    · demonstrate the ability to use technology.

    · understand the importance of being on time and prepared as demonstrated                                       via work experience participation.


    3. Exhibit evidence of a positive self-worth and respect for diversity.

    · meet criteria for readmission to a traditional school setting

    · demonstrate conflict mediation and the ability to receive constructive                             criticism evidenced by a minimal number of inappropriate behavior incidents requiring a referral and/or suspension for education code violations.

    · participate and complete counseling sessions and/or community service as assigned.

Last Modified on May 25, 2010